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Our Team

Rob “The Shark” Vetchtein

As the founder and lead attorney for Shark Squad, Rob’s passion for helping riders is well known throughout the Motorcycle Community. With over 15 years experience in the personal injury arena, Robert is able to use his perspective as a daily motorcycle rider to help downed riders get the most out of their case. When the worst happens out on the road, it is always good to have “The Shark” riding by your side.

“Machine Gun” Brandon Brent

A Navy veteran who served in battle for his country, Machine Gun Brandon now runs a specialized team of paralegals who fight daily for our clients. With a “take no prisoners” attitude Brandon makes sure our clients are not taken advantage of by using scrupulous insurance companies. Brandon@Vetchteinlaw.com

“Hollywood Dave” Dildine

As Director of Marketing, “Hollywood Dave” is known throughout the motorcycle community and can be found at motorcycle events throughout SoCal. Always trying new and creative ways to show the Shark Squad difference, look for his videos on Social Media and reach out to him for marketing opportunities at HollywoodDave35@gmail.com

Bunnie Sanchez

The Shark Squad Promotional Director is also the manager of the well known “Shark Squad Dolls”. Bunnie and the Dolls are always a welcome sight at motorcycle events throughout Socal. To discuss having the Dolls at a motorcycle event you can reach her at Bunniejsanchez@gmail.com

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